Discussing my design and music ideas at first rehearsal for Charles Randolph-Wright's new show at Arena Stage, Love in Afghanistan.  Warning, there are some preeeeetty sweeeeet hand gestures involved...



A few words from the critics... 

The Beaux' Stratagem , Everyman Theatre

DC Metro Theatre Arts - "Lancisi’s subtle hint of modernism slips into the production with the aid of Sound Designer Elisheba Ittoop. Underscoring scene changes and the opening routine with classical music that is backed with a thumping base really drives the overall feel of the show; a unique creation that you won’t see anywhere else."
You for Me for You, Woolly Mammoth

Washingtonian - "brilliantly haunting sound effects by Elisheba Ittoop enhance the atmospherics."

Talkin' Broadway - "Elisheba Ittoop's sound design heightens the scene by amplifying the individual sounds of a teapot clinking against a cup and chopsticks scraping a bowl."

Asian Fortune News - "The sound design by Elisheba Ittoop is sharp, scary and also effortlessly supports all of the myriad shifts and magical realism."

After the Quake, Rorschach Theatre

Washington Post - "
Even the shoestring design is smart, driven by Elisheba Ittoop’s understated, moody sound and Stephanie P. Freed’s warm, shadowy lights."


One Flea Spare, Forum Theatre

Revolution Stages - "This sound design was utterly terrifying and engulfing.  From the second you walk into the performance space you are immediately relaxed while simultaneously put on edge.  From horse screams, flames devouring all it can and water dripping (not to mention all the other subtle moments) the sound design whirled you through and completely complimented everything happening onstage.  After the show I found out that Elisheba Ittoop had sound designed for Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven and That Face.  Not at all surprising. "

DC Theater Scene - "Director Alexander Strain underscores them with a wonderfully dramatic use of light (Cory Ryan Frank) and sound (Elisheba Ittoop). Indeed, sound is so vital a narrative instrument that it seems that Ittoop almost deserves a writing credit (Ittoop also composed the delightful period music)."


Goodnight, Moon , Children's Theatre of Charlotte

Creative Loafing - "... 
the whole production overflows with charm, from Elisheba Ittoop's delicious sound design to Jennifer Matthews' adorable costumes."


The Wizard of Oz , Children's Theatre of Charlotte

Creative Loafing - "... 
Elisheba Ittoop's high-decibel sound design... sent some of the teenier anklebiters into a fetal position."